Minion Games Launch Kickstarter Campaign for ‘The Manhattan Project’ – Digital Edition


Some of you may already be familiar with Minion Games’ The Manhattan Project, a combination board/card game about nations competing in a Cold War race to complete a functioning nuclear warhead. On each person’s turn they assign workers to tasks – building enrichment plants and reactors – conduct espionage on their opponents, and even order airstrikes if someone seems too close to victory. While tabletop enthusiasts have already been enjoying the nuclear themed strategy game, Minion Games has recently launched a Kickstarter to bring their title to Mobile and PC enthusiasts everywhere.

If the asking value of $30,000 is raised, then they will begin working on a release of The Manhattan Project capable of running on PCs with Windows XP or higher – iDevices with OS 5.1 or greater – and Android units with 2.3.3 or above. They have furthermore confirmed that all three of these versions will be fully interoperable, allowing players to conduct bomb research against their friends – regardless of which device they have – at any time. Minion Games has also promised – should their stretch goal of $40k be reached – that they will furthermore implement an additional asynchronous play mode, so that everyone doesn’t have to be online at the same time.

Anyone who feels that their life has been truly lacking a strategic Cold War esque race to victory, complete with online multiplayer, should keep in mind that the Kickstarter ends on December 9th. Beyond a copy of the upcoming Mobile/PC version of The Manhattan Project, further available backer rewards include: copies of the physical board game, the official project backer t-shirt, and even the chance to become a Beta Tester. Finally, for all of the ultimate plutonium research enthusiasts reading this, there even exists the opportunity to become forever immortalized as the portrait of an optional AI opponent.