‘Mansion Lord’ Fundraising Now on Kickstarter


You’ve just become the inheritor of a fabulously luxuriant mansion, the only problem now is that you’re going to have to find the means of affording the place’s massive upkeep. Therefore you take the most obvious course of action and immediately set about to turning the house into a high class resort, but with a diabolical money-making scheme under the surface. You intend to take losses on the actual rent, all so that when you start attracting the most depraved members of high society – known for their hidden murderous streaks – you can turn them in for the bounty.

3c726e7f56794cfdcf9da7199453505c_largeHowever – while low rent might attract the common man – the unstable aristocrats that you desire to entrap are all people of highly eccentric tastes, and likely won’t stay at a mansion not well suited to their idioms. To this end you’ll have to carefully arrange and decorate various rooms – using an in depth tile based system – to lure in each and every last one of your targets, and also to setup the Mansion according to your own personal whims. With tons of different interior decoration options promised to be available, no two enterprising landlords should ever come close to having quite the same managerial experience.

Yet attracting would-be murders to your mansion is only half of the uphill battle standing before your master plan, as you’ll still need the means of apprehending these debaucherous fellows once you’ve finally caught them red-handed. To this end you’ll have to hire – train – and properly equip a stable of capable detectives, whom will then take down your bounty laden prize via a grid based Tactical-RPG combat system. You’ll even need to occasionally send your detectives out on dates in order to raise their friendship levels, as only the closest of partners can gain access to valuable tag-team maneuvers.

Rounding out this amazing amalgamation of management simulation and RPG combat is an entirely pixelated art-style, paying full tribute to the traditions of various console based classics from, the 16-Bit era. Furthermore, all of these shenanigans have been promised to be accompanied by a purely chip-tune based soundtrack that will be 100% comprised exclusively of entertaining bleeps and bloops. As for those times when you temporarily tire of entrapping the misanthropes of high society, there will even be a Roguelike dungeon – comprising the mansion’s unexplored catacombs – with which to have your detectives explore and conquer.

87ef1979188be6adb7b76310654b13a8_largeAll of these features currently listed – and so much more – have been promised for Mansion Lord, a game project being helmed up by an independent studio calling themselves Golgom Games. While they have already done much work towards making Mansion Lord the awesomest experience ever, in order to finish the project – with nothing but the utmost of shine – they recently launched a Kickstarter asking for $28,000. However, Golgom Games has furthermore stated that Mansion Lord – should they raise a grand total of $55,000 – will also be bringing its unique gameplay to iPad owners everywhere.

Currently you can help back the project – and secure your very own launch day copy – for a mere $10, in the process becoming forever immortalized in Mansion Lord’s credits as someone who helped the game see fruition. For Mansion Lord’s even more generous backers there will also be exclusive in-game content, opportunities to help design decorations, the chance to become a detective/victim/murderer, and even the ultimate honor of becoming the mansion’s highly revered previous owner. If you’d like to see Golgom Games finish their grand vision for Mansion Lord, and especially if you want the project to furthermore become a mobile reality, then don’t forget that the funding deadline will occur on December 19th.