‘Mario’-esque Endless Runner ‘Super Bunny Land’ Hopping onto the App Store Soon!

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Arriving hot on the heels of nostalgia-piquing, Nintendo property-inspired iOS games like HEAVY – sword (our review) and Banana Kong (our review), Hei Games’ Super Mario-esque endless runner, Super Bunny Land, is set to bounce onto both the App Store and Google Play store early next month (May 7th).

If, like me, you can’t wait until then to try it out this nifty-sounding game, there is a PC demo available for download right now — although it’s probably worth noting Hei Games designed Super Bunny Land with touchscreen devices in mind, and that the demo is a lot more limited than the mobile version(s) of the game will be.

Here’s the official synopsis:

iphone5_3Control a cute bunny to jump, stomp and collect. Many familiar elements you know from *ahem* that game with a certain plumber, combined as an endless runner. Discover 5 power ups by collecting coins and carrots. Different than other endless runners, Super Bunny Land allows players to control their own speed. Pressing the right side of the screen makes the player jump, while the left side is used for braking. Mastering the game involves using both jumping and braking at the right time!

ETA: Super Bunny Land is all set to hop onto the App Store and Google Play on May 7th, 2013.