Mario Kart Tour’s Halloween Tour Brings the Terror Today on iOS

Mario Kart Tour’s latest Tour takes its theme from the upcoming season of terror, Halloween. It introduces a bunch of new drivers, courses, karts, gliders, and more.

The Halloween Tour runs from today until November 6, and features a ton of new cups to race through. These cups bring with them new courses, like Luigi’s Mansion, Waluigi’s Pinball, and Ghost Valley.

Mario Kart Tour’s Halloween Update Features New Drivers, Karts, Gliders, Courses, and More

There are new drivers too, including Luigi, Baby Luigi, Waluigi, and King Boo. Rosalina and King Boo also get makeovers as the two Spotlight characters.

Halloween-themed gliders and karts make an appearance too. So if you want your character to look as spooky as you do this year, you’re in luck.

You can grab Mario Kart Tour from the App Store right now, if you haven’t already got it installed for some reason.