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Gear Up For New Heroes And Quests In Marvel Future Fight Goblin Queen Update!

Netmarble just dropped a new update for Marvel Future Fight, their Marvel superhero game. The latest Marvel Future Fight Goblin Queen themed update introduces four new mutants, character upgrades and more. Keep reading if you’re a Marvel superfan like me!

Goblin Queen Is Here!

Coming off the heels of the last update inspired by Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2, the Marvel Future Fight Goblin Queen update zeroes in on some less popular heroes gearing up to take on the mutant Goblin Queen.

So, the four new heroes are Havok, Hope Summers, Exodus and Madelyne Pryor. They’re really pushing the mutant theme here, even giving Rachel Summers a new uniform. If you’re wondering how these guys stack up against the rest, there’s a handy MFF tier list you can check out.

There’s a new epic quest titled Goblin Queen that dives into the stories of the mutant clone villain. Participate in it and grab the chance to snag Havok, Hope Summers and Madelyne Pryor. Also, look out for five new items for Odin’s Blessing.

And, finally the character upgrades! Havok and Madelyne Pryor can level up to Tier Three with new Ultimate Skills. Cyclops is getting a Tier Four boost with a new Striker Skill. You can also unlock the Awakened Skills of Hope Summers, Kid Omega and Rachel Summers. So, grab the game from the App Store if you haven’t already!

Ever Played Marvel Future Fight?

Marvel Future Fight hit the global scene in April 2015. It’s a free-to-play action role-playing and dungeon-crawler title, offering both single-player and multiplayer modes. When it comes to gameplay, it has you building a team of Marvel heroes and villains for some intense battles.

With over 200 Marvel characters to choose from, the title lets you customize your favourite superheroes and villains. To know more about the game, head to the official website. If you’re excited about the Marvel Future Fight Goblin Queen update, comment below and let us know!

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