Marvel: Future Revolution is an Upcoming Mobile ARPG From Netmarble

If the trailer for Netmarble’s upcoming open world Marvel RPG, Marvel: Future Revolution is anything to go by, then when the game lands later this year it’s not just one Marvel universe that’s coming to iPhone and iPad, it’s a whole host of multiverses. 

The game was announced over the weekend, with the first trailer landing at the same time. It certainly looks meaty, and has been put together from in-game footage. You can check it out in all its Captain America and Spider-Man-y goodness just below this paragraph.

There’s a lot going on there, I think you’ll agree. First of all, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. Which suggests it’s not going to be that much fun playing it on older devices – might be time for an upgrade, Marvel fans? 

How Marvel-ous

Then there’s the characters – we’ve got standard looking Cap and Spidey at the start, but as the trailer goes on different versions of the heroes, as well as Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and more, pop up. 

It gives the whole thing a gacha feel – different variants of heroes to collect and add to your team. There also looks to be some sort of city-bending, Inception-style stuff going on, which looks amazing and apparently makes cars fall out of the sky. 

Future Perfect?

If you’re looking for more information on Marvel: Future Revolution, then we’d suggest checking out the game’s official twitter feed here (and checking out some of the videos there too), or clicking here to have a gander at the game’s website.

Marvel: Future Revolution certainly looks like it’s setting the stage for a new generation of mobile graphics, but whether or not the gameplay lives up to that sparkle remains to be seen. Keep your eyes on iFanzine in the coming weeks and months, because we’re going to be keeping a pretty close eye on this one.