Marvel Realm of Champions Shutting Down at the End of Next Month

Another month, another game shutting down. This time around it’s Kabam’s sort-of-MOBA Marvel Realm of Champions. The closure was announced in a blog post over on the game’s official website that you can read in full by clicking here.

The game has already been removed from the App Store, so if you haven’t already downloaded it, you’re out of luck. Or in luck? We can’t tell. The servers are set to turn off for good on March 31st.

There are going to be a few tweaks to the game before it disappears for good. There’ll be an increase in the units given away, new gear sets and a conclusion to the story that kicked off the game.

We enjoyed the time we spent with Marvel Realm of Champions, but it always felt like it was kind of destined for a bad ending. It didn’t get the audience of its sister game, Marvel Content of Champions, and it managed to launch at the same time as the much better League of Legends: Wild Rift.

If you link your Realm of Champions and Contest of Champions accounts via your Kabam ID before the game closes down, you’ll get a bunch of goodies in Contest based on the level you’d reached in Realm.

So there you go, another one bites the dust. Even the Marvel behemoth isn’t invulnerable from the vagaries of the mobile gaming market.