Daily Deals: ‘Mass Effect: Infiltrator’, ‘Playworld Superheroes’ & More Now Free or on Sale


Welcome to another edition of Daily Deals, an iFanzine feature in which we sort through the chaff and round up only the very best iOS gaming-related offers, deals and discounts from all over the interwebs. (This post will be updated throughout the day as and when we spot new deals so be sure to check back regularly! And please feel free to use Twitter or the comments section below to alert us of anything awesome we may have missed.)

Without further ado, here’s today’s list

601093Mass Effect: Infiltrator (Was $4.99 » Now Free*): IGN have teamed up with EA to make visually stunning sci-fi shooter Mass Effect: Infiltrator their ‘Free Game of the Month’ for February. [IGN]

572811_largerPlayworld Superheroes (Was $3.99 » Now $0.99): Save two dollars off the price of Starship’s spectacular family-friendly action adventure game Playworld Superheroes. [AppShopper]

968216_largerOdd Bot Out (Was $1.99 » Now $0.99): There’s no ifs or buts about it, getting Martin Magni’s adorably quirky physics-based puzzler Odd Bot Out for $0.99 is a great deal! [iOSnoops]

234532One Tap RPG (Was $1.99 » Now Free): The price of Arnold Rauers‘ rather nifty retro style Pachinko-like dungeon crawler One Tap RPG has been slashed to free. [Apple Sliced]

* Make sure to get your free copy of Mass Effect by following the IGN link provided above. If you download the game directly from the App Store it will still charge you the full price ($4.99). This offer is valid until the end of February, but be advised codes are limited and are generated on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note all prices were accurate at time of publication. App Store prices tend to fluctuate without warning though, so be sure to take advantage of these deals as quickly as possible.