A Massive ‘Crashlands’ Update Is Incoming

There’s a colossal update just around the corner for Crashlands (out review), and yet — despite its impressive massiveness — this isn’t the long-promised campaign creator tools (that Butterscotch Shenanigans have been teasing for quite a while)! Obviously you’re probably now wondering what — other than the campaign creator itself — could ever be worthy of such lofty words on my part (after all, the game’s rather jam-packed as is)? Those answers would come squarely from Butterscotch Shenanigans’ earlier Roid Rage, in that game — which exists within the same shared-universe as Crashlands — players learned of the most lucrative substance ever known to sentient species: Juice.

In the Juicemancy update — expected to arrive next month — Crashlands players will be able to harness the awesome powers of Juice, or at least they will upon completing a new quest-chain found in the Bawg. With the powers of Juice players will no longer need to endlessly re-craft the same item in hopes of better stats, they’ll instead harness Juice’s mighty-forces to directly improve their gear’s quality! What’s more, players can even — via this Juice — build deliberately themed sets (imagine, if you would, an entire set of gear dedicated to boosting just one perk into the upper-stratospheres of awesomeness).

Of course those who’ve played through Crashlands before might realize there’s a bit of a trek between the game’s beginning and finally reaching the Bawg, which is why the developers have additionally re-tweaked the stats of nearly everything for smoother fun. Not only do they now promise that equipment’s initial randomness will be much nicer to early players, but players will additionally be able to potentially craft gear with multiple boosts to the same perk (rather than getting perks all over the place). Further accompanying this perk-stacking madness are new trinkets — each won from brand-new quest-lines — that all contain elemental-damage boosting power, for even more stacking!

Butterscotch Shenanigans has claimed that between the new stat-rules — the powers of Juice — and these elemental-trinkets, you could finally experience your deepest secret wish: Burning Everything (assuming that torching Woanope was actually your wish). This tantalizing promise of untold carnage can additionally — for the first time ever — be played out via full-controller support, as well as WASD, for anyone playing Crashlands on PC and/or consoles. Yet controller-craving mobile players shouldn’t feel left out, as Butterscotch Shenanigans is implementing similar controller support — but not WASD support (as that’d just be downright silly) — upon various mobile platforms as well!

While Butterscotch Shenanigans expects the massive Juicemancy update to hit sometime next month, those not able to wait — and furthermore willing to deal with a heaping helping of bugs —  can visit the developer’s website to sign up for the early beta test.