Massive Gameloft Preview!

They don’t call ’em things like the French gaming giant and the big G (or is that just me?) for nothing. Gameloft’s readying a full blown assault on the Appstore in the coming months. And with a superhero, super-spy, warriors of both the Persian and Spartan variety, zombies, space marines and gangbangers on their side you can expect your wallet to take quite a beating.

Iron Man 2: Gameloft’s got form when it comes to movie tie-ins having already turned blockbusters Terminator Salvation and Avatar into awesome iPhone games. Taking to the skies as Tony Stark’s tooled up alter ego should be more fun than po-faced, post-apocalyptic warfare or running around a rainforest starkers with a spear in your hand too.

What we know: Not much beyond what IGN’s screenshots give away. Expect an explosive mix of flying, fighting and shooting, War-Machine will be joining ‘ol shellhead as a playable character, there’ll be epic dust-ups with iconic baddies such as Whiplash (and an evil sidewalk judging by that first pic). ’nuff said.

(Untitled) Prince of Persia: This mysterious teaser trailer depicts a mysterious someone holding a bloody big sword and flanked by piles of slain corpses. It’s either Prince of Persia or the Castle of Magic sequel is going to take a decidedly different approach.

What we know: Could be an adaptation of the forthcoming Jerry Bruckheimer produced, Jake Gyllenhaal starring flick, or it might be something else entirely; only the sands of time will tell. Should be good anyhow, given that Gameloft’s put together some pretty decent mobile versions of the Prince’s exploits in the past.

Hero of Sparta 2:  This is SPARTAAA (again)! iPhone’s answer to God of War is getting a sequel. iPhone gaming’s evolved quite a bit since Argos’ first outing so hopefully the sequel will up the ante, tighten the controls and give this an extra lick of graphical loveliness. Do that and I’m most definitely onboard for a second helping of hellish dining.

What we know: There will be hacking. There will be slashing. Oh, and a humongous sea-monster.

Splinter Cell Conviction: Sam Fisher goes Jason Bourne for this reboot of the long running series of spy-games. With more of an emphasis on balls-out action than the sneaking and stealthy kills of old, Conviction plays to Gameloft’s strengths. Can’t wait for this visually stunning, third-person shoot/beat ’em up to land, and if it’s even half as good as its console counterpart it’ll be one of the greatest iPhone games ever.

What we know: Conviction contains 10 globe-trotting missions that closely follow the story laid out in the Xbox 360 title. This iPhone iteration also retains the lauded “mark and execute” system and (thankfully) the voice acting from the console version.

Zombie Infection: Cue the usual grumblings that Gameloft does nothing but trot out unimaginative clones of other people’s games, and granted this does bear a striking resemblance to the fifth installment of a certain Capcom franchise. Do Gameloft care? Nope, they’re far too busy swimming around in a huge vat of cash Scrooge Mc Duck style (I imagine).

Also while we’ve had not one, but two, Resident Evils on iPhone, both were ports of existing games – Degeneration began its (after) life as an N-Gage 2.0 title while Resi 4 Mobile debuted on BREW – rather than being built-from-scratch for the format, so it’ll be nice to sink our teeth into some fresh meat. And if the thought of blowing away a menagerie of zombie zoo animals doesn’t fill you with excitement, check your pulse.

What we know: In a nutshell it’s gonna be Resi 5 on iPhone.

N.O.V.A. 2: Little more than a rumour at this point, but N.O.V.A. was one of last year’s biggest and bestest games so I’d be more surprised if Master Chief looky-likey, Karl Wardin didn’t return for a second stab at some extra-terrestrial nogoodniks.

Gang$tar: Sin City: Another unconfirmed rumour. Apparently it’ll shift the GTA style action from the West Coast to Las Vegas. Hence the name, innit?

So what’re you looking forward to the most? Perhaps you’ve found out more details about these games? Please do let us know below!