Massive Winter Preview: 10 Stunning Upcoming Games!

Aralon: Sword and Shadow: Having already revolutionized iPhone RPGs with the likes of Rimelands: Hammer of Thor and Ravensword: The Fallen King, expectations for Crescent Moon’s latest foray into fantasy territory are ridiculously high. Mind you, with each tantalizing nugget of information Josh Presseisen & co. let slip about the upcoming title – 30+ hours of gameplay! 3 playable races! full Game Center support! – it looks increasingly like this is a game that will more than live up to the hype. Expect Aralon to take action RPGs to a whole new level when it arrives in the App Store in the coming months.

Painkiller: Rumored to be a pretty much direct port of Machineworks’ hit PC First-Person shooter, albeit due to be released in serialized form for iPhone (with additional level packs becoming available via free updates), Painkiller will put players in the boots of Daniel Garner, who winds up in Purgatory amidst a battle between Good and Evil following a fatal car accident. This footage of a camera swooping cinematically through an abandoned cathedral gives a good idea of what to expect graphically, if not gameplay wise, from the upcoming iPhone game.

RAGE (a.k.a. Mutant Bash TV): Rather than attempt to bring the epic upcoming RAGE to iDevices in its entirety, Mutant Bash TV will marry the game’s post-apocalyptic setting, arsenal of futuristic weaponry and other key elements from its console counterpart with a pick-up-and-play style that’s so well suited to iPhone. The news that Mutant Bash TV will be an on-rails shooter a la DOOM: Resurrection has divided opinion, but I still reckon this has the potential to be a blast.

Infinity Blade: Brandishing some of the sharpest eye candy ever seen on the iPlatform and promising an intriguing mix of swordfighting action and RPG elements, Infinity Blade is being billed as an iPhone gaming, er,  game-changer. Lets hope the fast-paced, combat heavy gameplay lives up to this title’s gorgeous visuals.

D.A.R.K. & Doodle Gore: GameLab, creators of swashbuckling top-down shooter Pirate’s Treasure, are hard at work on two fantastic looking new titles, D.A.R.K. and Doodle Gore. The former is being billed as a huge sci-fi RPG set on-board a hulking ghost ship, while the latter, what with its Tim Burton-esque visuals and host of kooky characters, including a chainsaw wielding maniac and purple-haired goth chick, just might be the doodle game to end all doodle games. Here’s hoping, eh?