Massive Winter Preview: 10 Stunning Upcoming Games!

NOVA 2: A sequel to Gameloft’s critically acclaimed FPS, NOVA: Near Orbital Vangaurd Alliance, this one has some mighty big boots to fill! Gameloft have just revealed some fantastic new concept artwork on Facebook that gives us a sneak peek at returning hero Karl Wardin and new enemies such as the Voltarites, the Cybertooth, a corrupted marine, and more. Check them out here.

Dungeon Hunter 2: Picking up 25 years after the first game left off, Dungeon Hunter 2, in addition to a meaty single-player quest, is set to feature an exclusive co-op multiplayer mode, local or online: combine your skills and fight with up to 2 companions. Leaderboard, match-making, achievements and more: endless fun will await you on Gameloft Live and Apple’s Game Center!

Jet Car Stunts 2: The original remains one of my all-time favorite iPhone games, so the news that a sequel to Jet Car Stunts is in the works has me excited! Apparently a host of new playable vehicles will be joining the titular Jet Car for this follow-up, while the game is also set to feature a track editor. No video footage as of yet, but the trailer for the original should fill the uninitiated in on what to expect from this ridiculously entertaining platform game/racer hybrid.

Dead Rising: Zombie games have taken the App Store by storm, so it’s not really that surprising that Capcom are readying a bite-size version of the critically acclaimed Dead Rising for release on iPhone. What is impressive is that the game will boast some intriguing, iPhone specific social networking features, such as the ability to call for back-up from your Facebook and Twitter friends.