Featured image for Match Factory, the game by Zynga and Peak. It shows three different images with colourful objects. The logo of Match Factiry is at the top in yellow and blue.

Match Factory, A New Puzzle Adventure By Zynga And Peak Out On iOS!

Another addition to the list of crazy vibrant puzzles! Zynga and Peak have rolled out a new puzzler on iOS and Android titled ‘Match Factory!’. It’s a colourful 3D puzzle game where you get to race against the clock. The main goal is to select and match similar objects in a set of three or more. The game is all about speed, so if you’re a pro at moving your fingers at lightning speed, then it’s for you.

Match Factory! Features

If you’re a Candy Crush buff, then you’ll love Match Factory! Although not exactly similar, it will test you based on how fast you can recognise and group objects with similar colours and patterns.

The game is free to play and includes optional in-app purchases. The best part is that you can play it offline as well. So, the next time you’re stuck in a lift, Match Factory will come to your rescue!

It’s a fun colourful game with objects ranging from popsicles, omelettes, and watermelon slices to footballs, scissors, and drums. The set of objects keeps changing with each level, which makes it more exciting than most other puzzle games.

More Games By Zynga And Peak

Zynga is well known for games like Backgammon Plus and FarmVille 3. Peak is a subsidiary of Zynga and has games like Toon Blast, Toy Blast, and Lost Jewels to its credit. Toon Blast and Toy Blast have consistently ranked in the top 20 and top 50 best iPhone games in the USA for five years.

So, are you going to give Match Factory a try? I reckon you give it a go once and see for yourself. Check out the game on the App Store to know more about it.

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