Matching Puzzler Zookeeper World Out Now on Apple Arcade

The latest game to land on Apple’s subscription service Apple Arcade is the match-stuff puzzler Zookeeper World. It sees you solving puzzles, collecting animals and generally being charmed by everything that’s happening.

There are different challenges waiting for you, and different moves that can give you a boost as you try and match bundles of adorable pixel-art-ish animals.

Alongside the matching you need to run your zoo, spending the coins you earn on infrastructure, new critters and more. You can wander around your creation, sit on benches, look at the animals and more.

You can upgrade your animals as well, making them ever more adorable. There are boss fights, hyper challenges and loads more going on. You can expect more content to be added to the game as time passes as well.

If you want to play Zookeeper World, and you’ve got an Apple Arcade subscription, you can click here to download the game from the App Store right this second.