Ye Gads, the Kickstarter for ‘Max Gentlemen’ Is Already 1700% Funded with 20 Days to Go!


The Men Who Wear Many Hats – creators of previous titles such as Organ Trail (that’s not a typo) – are back once more to unleash a new arcade style game upon the masses: Max Gentlemen! The game promises to be an extreme manners simulator where gentlemen fight to see who can stack hats upon their head the highest, making sure to not let objects moving about knock off any of their wondrous headgear. Not only will players be able to engage in top-tier gentlemanly hat stacking all by their self, but they will be able to furthermore compete against their friends in real-time to determine which of them is truly the most cultured.

UntitledTo that end The Men Who Wear Many Hats have opened a Kickstarter, declaring they will make this fine top-hat wearing game whether their stretch goal was ever remotely reached or not. Gamers everywhere – in response to this request for money – utterly nuked the humble asking figure in the most cultured way possible, with the project currently sitting around with nearly 1700% funding! Not bad for a game concept that initially began as an in-joke based on a certain email one of the staff members received regarding a curiously named male-enhancement supplement.

However – with a staggering 20 days left to go – there’s still time to help push this project to become the most complete simulator of cultured hat-stacking etiquette ever produced, via max funding! With as little as $20 dollars you can let people everywhere know just how refined a fellow you are with a glorious Max Gentlemen t-shirt, with even greater rewards – such as resin statues, gentlemen body pillows, and even personalized posters – above that. A $400 pledge – for the most magnanimously cultured fellows out there – will enable you to become a playable character, letting everyone around the world know just what a civilized chap you truly are.

Those interested in joining the Max Gentlemen bandwagon, and thus joining the path to greater culture through the careful stacking of manly hats, should keep in mind that the Kickstarter will be running until November 6th.