Mega Indie Giveaway: Win Fall of Angels, Dangerous, Dash Race, VineKing & Rinth Island!

It’s times like this that remind us why we follow the App Store indieverse so passionately at iFanzine. We’ve got four totally rockin’ games in our giveaway bag this week, and with the exception of Buzz Monkey & Chillingo’s Rinth Island, these are full-on indie projects in every sense. They may not have production values that grab your attention immediately but they’ve got real soul, not to mention proof of the devs’ dedication in the form of support that has stood the test of time. That’s why you’re in for a treat no matter which of these you come away with — and lots of readers are going to come away with something, because the devs have been super generous!

So let’s get on to the list of what you can win this week:

Fall of Angels: Not only did Kevin Mitchell and Lee Pattinson bring us a real indie gem in Fall of Angels, they’ve kept the content and improvement updates rolling in ever since. A dark and compelling story, plus tons of dungeon puzzles and minigames, equals a killer app for RPG fans in our humble opinion. And it just so happens we have 11(!) copies in this week’s prize bag thanks to the devs! Here’s a Lite version to check out while you wait to see if you won.

Dangerous: Binary Helix’s open-ended and super-deep space opera has gotten way easier to jump into since it released last December thanks to easily navigated star maps, improved UI, and faster warping. The developer’s updates just keep flowing in, recently introducing a new perks system and high-poly models. Binary Helix just stopped by with not one, not two, but five promo codes for our readers! Don’t forget to check out our studio interview and sample Sean Beeson’s soundtrack, which earned a distinction for Best Original Soundtrack in our 2011 Developer Achievements celebration.

Dash Race: Recently updated with a new race track and Retina Display support, Hans-Juergen Richstein’s debut line racer is one of those games you might never imagine getting hooked on just by the look of it, but it’ll surprise you the moment you pick it up! If the digital age swept up your generation before you ever got a chance to play the strategic graph paper-and-pencil racing game this is based on, or even if you fondly remember it, you owe it to yourself to enter for a chance to win one of 5 copies courtesy of Mr. Richstein!

VineKing: Released in June 2011, Pixel Vandals’ organically themed line drawer received a big content update just a few days back: challenging new levels, global leaderboards, Facebook integration, and bigger, badder foes to wrap your rhizomes around! Go check out the Lite if you haven’t heard of this one before, and enter for a chance to win one of 5 copies courtesy of the developers!

Rinth Island: We adored the latest puzzle platformer out of Buzz Monkey and Chillingo – and wow, we weren’t the only ones! It’s sitting at a five-star rating on the App Store right now, while the same can be said for the User Score on our review article. So, yeah, we obviously have to toss a copy in this week’s giveaway bag.

As always, entering is as easy as –

A) Make sure you’re following iFanzine on Twitter.

B) Re-tweet this post as many times as possible all this week! (or share it on Facebook, give the post a quick +1 etc). Bonus points for those of you who ‘like’ our Facebook page too!

C) Let us know you’ve completed the above steps by dropping a quick message in the comments section below.

*Please ensure you enter a valid e-mail address when doing so as we’ll need one to ‘gift’ certain games to the winners. We’ll select the winners at random one week from the publication date of this post.