‘Mega Man X’-Inspired Action Platformer ‘Steam Punks’ Guns Its Way onto iOS This Week


Ash Jackson and Monster Robot Studios (Mazes and Monsters, HEAVY – Sword, SZC: Beyond Dead) are set to return to the App Store this Thursday with Steam Punks, a pretty nifty-looking action platformer/RPG that takes inspiration from SNES classics like Mega Man X

The game will put players in the shoes of Elite Enforcer Dunns Calhan as he embarks on a mission to take down the Bowler Gang and get back Professor Clout’s stolen invention, The Grand Reactor. According to today’s press release, notable features include loads to explore and secrets to uncover, tons of upgradeable weapons, cool masks with unique powers, a mini card game, and much, much more. 

Steam Punks is available on Android now, and will hit the App Store on the 21st of this month. Check out the launch trailer below: