Mega-Size Giveaway: Chaos Rings Omega!

“Float like a butterfly, bite like a shark” must be Square Enix DLG’s modus operandi these days, what with dropping something like Chaos Rings Ω into the App Store on a moment’s notice. At a hefty price tag of $11.99 USD it’s surely frustrated the pocketbooks of a few iOS gamers, but one lucky iFanzine reader will be playing this for free on an iPhone or iPod Touch a week from today!

You know what’s got me most excited about Chaos Rings Ω? It’s not the fact that it’s a Final Fantasy-calibre iOS exclusive, or that it promises to pack a ton of gameplay. It’s not even the calendar of free content updates Square Enix DLG has already planned out for the game. It’s Yusuke Naora’s character art! One of Square Enix’s most deadly secret weapons, Mr. Naora’s talent has been pouring into classic RPGs in one capacity or another since Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. The PS2-era Front Mission games benefited from his first outings in a character design role, and since then he’s become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating uber human vistas for RPG fans to feast their eyes upon! Let’s hope we see a lot more of the Chaos Rings production team’s work on iOS in the years to come.

Chaos Rings Ω promises to be accessible to those who haven’t already played the first Chaos Rings while providing something new to those who have, and will carry on the same paired character, turn-based battle system. What’s not clear is whether Ω will feature a multiple-viewpoints system like its predecessor. Whoever scores our copy will have to let us know how that pans out!

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*This giveaway is available only to those with US App Store accounts. The lucky winner will be chosen randomly and notified on Thursday, May 26.