Meka Hunters .io is a Mech-Based Mobile Battle Royale That’s Out Now for iPhone and iPad

Stomping around and firing massive rockets is one of the mainstays of gaming. Meka Hunters .io understands that, and builds its entire identity around it.

You take control of a war robot, with a couple of special moves and a massive gun at your disposal. The .io twist comes in when you kill an opponent. They’ll shower the ground with red orbs and when you collect them you’ll get stronger.

The more mechs you destroy, the tougher you get. You only get one life though, so keeping out of too much trouble is key to your success as well. The violence is pretty fast and frantic, and you can jump back in pretty much instantly when you die.

There’s an offline mode that lets you play against bots as well. It might not be the beefiest game out there, but if you’re looking for something to fill a few minutes then Meka Hunters certainly fits the bill.

The game is free as well, which as we all know is the best price. Click here and you can pick up Meka Hunters for iPhone and iPad right now.