Loose printouts scattered on the table. They are logos of the three games - Memento Mori, Cryptract, and Mitrasphere

Memento Mori Collaboration with Cryptract & Mitrasphere Commences in February

Memento Mori has just announced that they will be collaborating with two other Bank of Innovation titles Cryptract and Mitrasphere. This announcement comes from an official post on Facebook. At the time of writing, not too many details are available regarding the collaboration of the three titles. All we know so far is that the collaboration commences in February this year.

However, it is important to note that Mitrasphere announced its end of service mid-last year. So naturally, players have been wondering why Memento Mori is collaborating with a dead title. They are speculating that even though the global version of Mitrasphere no longer exists, its Japanese server is still up and running, and this could be Bank of Innovation’s last effort to revive a game that is on the verge of a virtual collapse.

Bank of Innovation Titles

Memento Mori is an idle game by Bank of Innovation that is available for iOS and Android. With absolutely stunning designs, it is a tale about girls fighting against the cruelty of fate when their only wish is to live on. The game features voiceovers in English and Japanese as well as subtitles in English, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

On the other hand, Cryptract is a turned-based RPG. It requires players to control 2D characters in fights against a monster invasion. The easy-to-navigate and free-to-play mobile fantasy game needs users to become Lords and form contracts with Mystical Beasts so they can fight together and rule over a certain section of the game’s imperial territory.

Mitrasphere is another co-op multiplayer RPG that takes players into a world straddled between two realms. Its story revolves around a massive tree floating in the ocean sky above that occasionally rains down golden crystals to the world below. After Mitrasphere announced its end of service on June 30, 2023, an offline version launched so players could still keep a copy of the game with them beyond the end-of-service date.

Play Memento Mori Now!

You can download Memento Mori for your device from the App Store or Play Store. For further information about the upcoming collaboration among the three titles, you can follow the official Memento Mori account on Facebook.

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