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MementoMori Lament Collection Vol.1 Is The Latest Addition To The Title’s Music Palette

Let’s admit it, MementoMori is a title that most people can’t ignore. The reason isn’t the gameplay, story, or unique characters though; it’s the awesome, melodious music. Joining the collection of fantastic soundtracks is the latest MementoMori Lament Collection Vol.1. Keep reading to know more!

The Lament Collection

The devs just dropped the latest update of the title on January 17, 2024, and the MementoMori Lament Collection Vol.1 is a part of it. It’s available on Apple Music and iTunes as well as other platforms like Spotify, YouTube Music, LINE Music and Mora. You can grab the whole album or just your favourite tracks from any of these digital music stores.

The album features a diverse tracklist spread across three discs, with both English and Japanese versions available. The title track ‘Anemone’ is included in Disc 1 along with tracks like Fly Away, I Am What I Am, Monochrome and Orion Shining Above the Skies at Noon.

On Disc 2, the tracklist includes Before Our Heartbeats Intertwine, Liatris, Trip on Planet Confuzzled, Lost, Poco A Poco, The Clock Strikes 12 and Dancing in the Dusk. Lastly, songs like Horns, Rage, Traces of Flowers, Crying Blue, Clockwise and Bubbles are featured on Disc 3. Tune in to the MementoMori Lament Collection. It’s an absolute delight just like previous MementoMori tracklists.

Ever Played MementoMori?

MementoMori is a free-to-play AFKRPG known for its watercolour-style art. It features hot anime girls who don animal ears and tails. Each character has her own theme song. The star of the game is its music, and we can definitely say that it’s the best in the entire gacha gaming scene.

Character growth is all about raising rarity levels, levelling up and decking out your crew with gear. You clear stages to rack up resources over time. There’s also a rogue-like mode and a tower that goes on forever. The title’s overworld map boasts an adorable, retro design.

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