MementoMori x Cryptract x Mitrasphere. It ahs screenshots of the three games featuring the game logo and protagonist (of each)

MementoMori x Cryptract x Mitrasphere Crossover Drops Tomorrow!

Bank of Innovation is mashing up three of its games and bringing new faces into MementoMori. The MementoMori x Cryptract x Mitrasphere crossover is finally dropping tomorrow, right after the MementoMori’s downtime. It’s sticking around until March 13th, so let’s give you a quick lowdown on what’s in store!

Part 1: MementoMori x Cryptract

First up in the MementoMori x Cryptract x Mitrasphere crossover, you’ll see Liselotte from Cryptract. She’s stepping into the scene from February 15th all the way through March 8th. She’s a secretary of a lord in the Gilsanian Empire and gets transported to the world of MementoMori.

Now, she’s exploring a world that kind of feels like home but not. The crossover has also woven the Cryptract theme song into her own special track called Liselotte’s Lament. It’s definitely going to bring back those sweet memories of Cryptract for you!

Part 2: MementoMori x Cryptract x Mitrasphere

On February 22nd, a guest star from Mitrasphere will debut in MementoMori with a special rate up until March 8th. Unfortunately, they haven’t revealed who it’s going to be, but we do have some deets on their Lament. Apparently, it’s going to feature the Mitrasphere theme. Hopefully, we’ll find out more about it soon!

Along with these new characters, they’re dropping new collaboration Panel Missions happening from February 15th to March 13th. They’re calling it Entrusted Feelings, Entwined Hopes. It lets you dive deep into short stories about these new characters. You can explore their past and the connections they’re making in Memento Mori.

Last but not least, there’s the Guild Tree event launching on February 29th and wrapping up on March 13th. This event lets you and your guild team up and scale the massive Guild Tree. You score points by winning battles, and those points help your guild level up to tougher floors.

Are you excited for the MementoMori x Cryptract x Mitrasphere crossover? Then, grab the game from the App Store!

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