MemMatch Review

Stay Card Sharp

MemMatch (out now, $0.99) is a charmingly simple little app that’s perfect for the casual gamer. While it’s hardly likely to set the world on fire, this title’s modern twist on the classic memory/concentration card game, pick-up-and-play usability and polished presention does impress.

As I say, MemMatch’s core concept is pretty easily grasped. You begin with a number of cards which are laid face down, and are tasked with finding all the matching pairs in the littlest amount of moves possible. Tapping cards flips them over and reveals the picture on the reverse. The challenge is trying to remember the positions of all these pictures.

Three different difficulty levels – easy, normal and hard – ensure there’s one geared toward players of all ages. Easy mode, as the name implies, is pretty simple, as there are only six cards on the table, while hard mode (pictured) ups the stakes by challenging you to play with 32 cards.

The game comes loaded with a diverse array of card faces, which include images of animals, game controllers, famous faces, works of art like Dali’s The Persistence of Memory (you know the one with the melting clocks), and much more. Interestly Nooskewl and Zeox Design are also seeking users to submit more photos or pictures for use in the game via their website. So if you fancy having your holiday snaps or doodles immortalised in an iPhone game, then why not head over to for more details.

iFanzine Verdict: A well made little app that’s accessable enough to enjoyed by iPhone gamers of all ages. While it’s nothing groundbreaking, MemMatch offers any amount of good old fashioned fun.

[xrr rating=3/5]