Surreal Adventure Game ‘Memoranda’ Is Coming to iOS

Memoranda — the plural form of Memorandum — is the term for “a short note designating something to be remembered,” or — to put it more succinctly — the term basically refers to a bunch of Post-It notes.

In Bit Byterz Memoranda — a game they’ve been diligently working on for the last three years — you play a woman whom slowly realizes she’s forgetting her own name; but is this just her mind failing, or something more ominous? Perhaps there is indeed something most sinister at work, because your investigations quickly reveal you’re living in a town where — be it a box of film reels, or perhaps sanity itself — everyone around you seems to be in the process of losing something precious. Although not much has been said about Memoranda’s plot — for the sake of mystery — Bit Byterz admitted their main inspiration is Haruki Murakami: a world-renowned author, best known for his surreal works of fiction.

However — in order to fully realize a project aspiring to such lofty surrealist goals — Bit Byterz recently realized they’d need additional funding in order to finish their game, thus leading them to Kickstarter. Although the group initially sought only $18,000 (CAD) from Kickstarter’s community, over 1,000 gracious donors quickly responded back with more than $25,000 in additional development capital. This has resulted in Bit Byterz quirky Graphic Adventure game not only coming to a variety of PC platforms via Steam, but has furthermore secured an upcoming release of Memoranda upon the iOS as well.

Should this Graphic Adventure game — promising many surreal individuals to interact with — now have you intrigued, then you should keep a close eye on Bit Byterz whom expects to have Memoranda fully finished sometime within the next few months. Although this might seem shockingly expedited for a Kickstarter project that just finished, there currently only exists a need for voice acting — an original soundtrack — and extensive quality-control testing (as a result of the previous three years of development). However — for those not willing to wait that long — a short demo of Memoranda is currently available for both PC and Mac, so as to tide you over until you can begin fully delving into why you can’t seem to recall your name anymore.