MemoryBoost Review

Forget Me Not

Stripped down, visually unappealing puzzle games are fast becoming Laddha Inc’s calling card. And lack of eye-candy aside, if you enjoyed flexing your gray cells through the likes of PenTacToe and BrainTaire, chances are you’ll also find a lot to like about their latest family friendly noodle baker, MemoryBoost.

As mentioned, the graphics aren’t up to much, so it’s left to the gameplay to carry this title. Thankfully the easily grasped, image matching mechanic at the heart of MemoryBoost is quite entertaining.

Having selected your theme (a set of images) from the game’s choice of fruit, cars, flags of the world and more, basically what you’ve then got to do is fill in the blanks on a grid by matching pairs of corresponding pictures. This is achieved by tapping cards to turn them over; the challenge to remember the positions of pictures around the board. You keep on going until every image has been revealed. Given the large size of the grid, MemoryBoost requires considerably more skill to than at first might meet the eye!

The ability to listen to your own tunes whilst you play and post your top scores to Facebook adds some polish to the package, while there is an additional level pack available from the App Store should order modafinil the free version leave you wanting for more. Overall, MemoryBoost is perhaps a little to simplistic for the more accomplished puzzle gamer, but I can imagine younger players really enjoying this game’s non-complex style and one finger control scheme.

iFanzine Verdict: While MemoryBoost is likely to bore guns, gore and zombies fans to tears, it’s laid-back, easily understandable approach to puzzling will undoubtedly appeal to a younger audience of iPhone gamers. Looking for something to keep the kids quiet? Look no further.

[xrr rating=3/5]

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