Men in Black: Global Invasion is a Pokémon GO-Like Augmented Reality Game Out Now on iOS

Men in Black: Global Invasion is a Pokémon GO-like game that makes an awful lot of sense.

You play as a Men in Black agent as you hunt down alien criminals in your actual neighbourhood.

Men in Black: Global Invasion Challenges You to Build a Team of Aliens

Using the power of AR, you’ll visually witness aliens standing in the streets or wherever you find yourself when you play it.

There are over 40 different aliens to collect, upgrade, and evolve over the course of your adventure, and you can build a team out of them to participate in some turn-based battles.

Of course, you’ll need a weapon yourself. Fortunately, a bunch of your favourite weapons from the franchise make an appearance, including the De-Atomizer and Noisy Cricket.

So head on over to the App Store right now and grab Men in Black: Global Invasion, which has just launched.