Kickstart This: Medieval Strategy Game ‘Mercantia – Italy 1252’

Entertainment Game Apps — the people whom previously built Prosperity – Italy 1434 — are now back once more with yet another medieval strategy game: Mercantia – Italy 1252, a game about the dilemmas of production in a 13th century Maritime Republic. Their newest game challenges you to travel eight different port towns — Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa, Venice, Ancona, Gaeta, Noli, and Ragusa — as you attempt to create the product your clients want on time, while also maintaining both quality and budgetary demands. Unfortunately you can’t really know the quality of a product that an artisan will produce until after they’ve finished making it, and — worse yet — bandits can potentially pilfer your supplies while they’re en route to the master artisan whom needs them.

However, in order to maintain the same unwavering historical accuracy that Prosperity featured — which even won the game the 2015 Medieval Italy Award — the developers have realized they’re going to need additional funds in order to continue their research. Thus it was for this reason that they approached Kickstarter’s community with a request for $12,500 in additional development funds, and the community — whom must clearly have fond memories of Prosperity — have already provided nearly $13k in pledged funds. However — with three days remaining on this Kickstarter’s clock — there’s still time to join in on the action, assuming that you fancy helping out Entertainment Game Apps with their 13th century inspired historical production-pipeline simulator.

Currently a pledge of just $5 is all that’s needed to secure your very own launch day copy of Mercantia – Italy 1434, alongside having your name featured within the app’s backer recognition section. Meanwhile — for those even more dedicated to rising to prominence within the guilds — additional rewards include: early beta-tester access, the official Mercantia t-shirt, a digital art-book, limited edition physical art-books, and much more! However — should you now find yourself burning with the desire to be just like Kraft Lawrence — you’ll need to be sure to chip in your donations before December 31st arrives, for that’s when Entertainment Game Apps will need to continue their research.