featured image for our news on Merry Meadow update. It features the Merry Meadow in Hello Kitty Island Adventure and Hello Kitty and her friends, including Wish me mell.

Meet Wish Me Mell As Hello Kitty Island Adventure Drops Merry Meadow Update

Sunblink and Sanrio just dropped the 1.5th update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure. If you’re playing on Apple Arcade, you’re in for a treat with the new update called Merry Meadow. It adds more story to the game and doubles down on the BFF vibes. Keep reading to know more about the Merry Meadow update!

It’s A Merry Meadow!

The Merry Meadow update is about friendship and being nice to each other. You get to meet a cute new character named Wish me mell in the Merry Meadow. The meadow is full of great gardens and cosy little houses. Become friends with Wish me mell by hanging out and doing things together.

There’s a new feature in the Merry Meadow update that lets you plant flowers. You can set up your own garden and play around with different flowers. The Springtime Celebration is happening from March 2 to April 14. It’s called the Flower Gardening event. During the celebration event, you get to collect petals and trade them in for stuff like Japanese decorations and kimono outfits.

It’s Like A Slumber Party!

The Merry Meadow update has plenty of events and new features. You can build a hangout on the Icy Peak and bring your friends along for all the fun. Doing so will help bring back the Island Spirit, making everything feel more together and friendly. It’s nothing less than a slumber party, trust me!

Have you tried Hello Kitty Island Adventure yet? If not, it’s a fun social game where you can set up your Hello Kitty house just the way you like. You can make friends in the game and swap presents with each other.  

When you play, everything you touch does something fun. The trees, flowers or toys surprise you by moving, singing or even giving you a minigame. So, experience the cuteness and fun by getting the game from the App Store.

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