Meter Maid Madness – Review

Step into the shoes and starched blue uniform of one of the planet’s most hated jobsworths, the dreaded parking enforcement officer – also fondly referred to as meter nazis or meter maids – in Prefabgirl’s highly addictive and action packed new game, Meter Maid Madness.

Set entirely in a parking lot, the title features simplistic, yet stylized graphics. Gameplay is also (deceptively) non-complex: tap illegally parked cars to issue a ticket and earn money, but get overzealous and slap a fine on the wrong drivers and you’ll incur their wrath (comical fist-shaking and lost points). While failure to ticket vehicles before they speed away also results in you being penalised.
What starts out as slow-paced soon get frantic as cars come from every angle, and fast fingerwork and nerves of steel are needed to keep up with the deluge of careless drivers. The stripped down soundtrack – an insanity inducing ding! ding! of the parking meters – only increases this panicked style of play.
Meter Maid Madness possesses that elusive just one more go addictiveness, a charming retro feel, and a great sense of humor. But after prolonged play does get a tad monotonous (more levels, a variety of vehicle types and parking spaces could increase longevity). Overall though, for its small change asking price (99c), the game is great value for money and will undoubtedly stay parked on your iPhone for a long time to come!
iFanzine Verdict: Fun and frantic, and don’t be surprised if you come away with a new found respect for the lowly traffic warden…
7.5 out of 10