Featured Image for our news on Methods: Detective Competition. It features a variety of characters, a mix of detectives and criminals. We can see a guy with purple hair, another with afro hair, an Indian woman with bindi and a blonde woman in a red suit and red hat.

Use Methods To Solve Crimes In Methods: Detective Competition, The New Visual Novel

Methods: Detective Competition, the massively hit mysterious visual novel game series is making its way to mobile now. Published by Erabit Studios, it drops on iOS and Android devices at $1.99. Currently, Erabit has dropped only the first chapter while more is to come in the coming months.

It’s A War!

Methods: Detective Competition is a cool visual novel where 100 detectives go head-to-head, solving crimes cooked up by some of the world’s smartest criminals. Yes, a hundred! You get a huge number of characters with 27 simple mystery questions.  The story keeps you guessing, switching up protagonists every few chapters, so you never know who’s getting the boot or moving forward.

And what happens when someone wins the competition? The winner gets a million bucks and a chance to change their life. But the twist is that even the bad guys have a shot at the prize. If a criminal wins, they get a million dollars and a get-out-of-jail-free card, no matter what they did before!

It’s Not Conventional

Methods: Detective Competition has a distinctive art design. It boasts a one-of-a-kind chapter design and intriguing character development where each character has their own quirks and flaws.  If you’re into ensemble cast visual novels and American humour, this one’s for you.

You kick things off as Detective Hackett in Chapter One to solve crimes constructed by diabolical criminals. The game throws in detective skills, known as Methods, so you dig for clues to make the right calls. The problem-solving setup of the game is simple yet enjoyable, all set to the laid-back background score.

The Steam version of Methods: Detective Competition hit the scene in June 2020. Grab the game from the App Store if all this sounds fun and interesting. Before you leave, check out our other news on Boori’s Spooky Tales: Idle RPG, A Ghost-Hunting Adventure, Drops On iOS Today.