Chillingo’s ‘Micro Machines’ Revival Revs onto the App Store

A whole lot of people are getting in touch with their “inner child” at the moment by playing Pokémon GO. That’s cool, but personally I don’t have much nostalgia for Pikachu and co. (I was born a little too early to get swept up in the whole craze surrounding the games and animated show, I think). Micro Machines, on the other hand? Yeah, I absolutely loved Micro Machines as a kid. Both the toys and the games. And I’ve got some really fond memories of my brothers and I huddled around playing the SNES and PS1 installments of this long-running series.

As a self-confessed Micro Machines nerd, you can imagine my excitement today when Chillingo and Codemasters launched an all-new entry of the combat racing franchise on the App Store. Of course, I snapped it up right away! And you know what? It’s actually pretty great.

The core gameplay is as fun as ever and there are tons of cars to collect and tracks to race on. I’m also really liking all the new stuff Codemasters have added to this iteration of Micro Machines, like ‘Battle Mode’ and the PvP races. This is a FTP game though, so expect the usual freemium trappings like gems and timers and whatnot. These are only my first impressions, after a short couple of hours with the game, but from what I’ve seen so far I’d give it a thumbs up.

If you’ve got any nostalgia or fondness for the Micro Machines franchise, I think you’ll really enjoy this modernized revamp. Hit the link below to check it out.

Download Micro Machines from the App Store.