MidBoss Games’ Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Read Only Memories’ Gets off to a Good Start


MidBoss Games has announced their intents to create an all new neo-retro take on the classical era of Visual Novels via their recently revealed game project: Read Only Memories. In it players take control of a person from the year 2064, a time when everyone – except for the main protagonist – extensively uses data-assistant robots known as ROMs for more or less everything. The hero’s reluctance to ditch his smart phone abruptly ends when a friend of his – whom worked at the leading manufacturer of ROMs – one day sends him a hyper advanced model, along with a mysterious message saying that he had to flee the country immediately.

1395980_467075830078862_1037295069_nAfter this things quickly become crazy as the lead character gets swept up into a long chain of events, leading him all over a futuristic cyberpunk version of San Francisco, as he tries to figure out what happened to his friend. Along the way he’ll meet various characters hailing from all walks of life, collect a variety of personality upgrades for his ROM, and have to make consequences that will impact the entire flow of the story. The developers have specifically promised that Read Only Memories will contain five full chapters, plus a prologue serving as a tutorial, with tons of side plots and alternate solutions abounding all around.

Assuming their funding goal of $62,064 can be reached, MidBoss Games expects to have their cyberpunk visual novel adventure – complete with 80’s style graphics – in the hands of PC players everywhere sometime around November of next year. After that – with no stretch goals needing to be reached along the way – a special enhanced mobile version will be made available, for both iOS and Android based devices, six months later. Other than securing a day-one copy of the game itself, other available backer only rewards include: sticker sheets, beanies, beta-access, the ability to appear in the game, and even the chance to help write scenarios for the adventure.

Anyone who likes classical Graphic Adventure titles, especially the flavor that Japan used to make, should remember that Read Only Memories’ Kickstarter will end on December 13th.