‘Mikey Shorts Halloween’ Hits The App Store Tomorrow, October 18th!

BeaverTap Games were in touch earlier today to give us the heads up on a spooky spin-off of their highly acclaimed speedrun platformer Mikey Shorts that’s set to hit the App Store tomorrow, October 18th.

Mikey Shorts Halloween is a standalone release rather than an update to the original game, boasts four spooky new levels and two Halloween-themed environments and — perhaps best of all — won’t cost fans a cent to download! Now that’s a pretty awesome Halloween treat, eh?

Here’s what BeaverTap Games’ Mike Meade has to say about Mikey Shorts Halloween: “As a thank you to our players for supporting Mikey Shorts, we wanted to make some fun and challenging Halloween-themed Story Mode levels! Since we used the maximum amount of Game Center leaderboards in the original version (Apple limits to 25), we decided to package up the 4 new levels into a separate Halloween edition and release it for FREE! This leaves us with 21 unused leaderboards… for now! We’re open to expanding this edition in the future, but we don’t have anything planned.”