Don’t Sleep on This Deal: ‘Mimpi Dreams’ Drops to FREE

Thanks to Apple’s ‘App of the Week’ promotion, Silicon Jelly’s lovably quirky puzzle-platformer Mimpi Dreams is free to a good home at the moment!

If you’ve played the original Mimpi (our review), then you know exactly the kind of kooky adventure you can expect from this sequel. It once again sees you taking control of the eponymous white terrier as he trots and bounds through the surreal dreamscapes of his subconscious, solving puzzles and interacting with a cast of memorably weird characters.

And for anyone who perhaps wasn’t totally enamoured with the first game, like myself, it’s worth noting that Mimpi Dreams fixes the issues that took some of the sheen off it — the floaty controls and wonky difficulty curve, for example — while still retaining its wildly imaginative charm. I guess what I’m saying is that there are zero reasons for you not to mash the download link below.

Download Mimpi Dreams from the App Store.