Minabo - A walk through life

Minabo – A Walk Through Life, The Turnip Social Simulator, Drops On iOS Soon!

DevilishGames’ super popular life sim game, Minabo – A Walk Through Life, is hitting iOS devices on February 9, 2024. After rocking it on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, it’s spreading its wings to reach even more gamers. If you have never played this one before, let me give you a quick lowdown on the game!

What’s the deal with Minabo?

It’s not a typical life sim game. In Minabo – A Walk Through Life, you’re also taking care of a turnip. Yeah, a turnip! From the moment that little veggie sprouts, you’re calling the shots, cruising through time at your own pace. There’s a reason the devs call it a ‘Turnip social simulator.’

Alongside nurturing your turnips, you also dive deep into social dynamics. You’re forging relationships with other turnips, and those interactions shape their personalities and future interactions. Who said a turnip can’t have emotional intelligence?

Juggle the important connections while dealing with the not-so-important ones. Yes, there are good and bad turnips, just like us humans. Plus, you can also adopt radish pets, start families or live life in the fast lane. Minabo has collectible hats, too! These hats have different special powers. Using them, you can up your charm, tweak your life expectancy or change how social situations play out!

It’s A Walk Through Life

Priced at $3.99, Minabo – A Walk Through Life is an adorable treat to the eye. At the end, you get a personalized summary of your journey. Since it’s a walk through life, you can even dive back into past lives for new discoveries!

Minabo mimics the ups and downs of life and sends out some deep messages about growing up. But hey, sometimes the best discoveries come from unexpected places, right? If it sounds fun and interesting, then go and check the game out on the App Store!

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