Mingle Games’ Visually Stunning Side-Scroller ‘Dark Lands’ Dashes onto Kickstarter


An armored warrior, cast in stark silhouette, charges bravely forward into an enemy laden — trap filled — gauntlet, all to see whether or not he has what it takes to survive the Dark Lands. Thus goes the set up to Mingle Games’ same named title, which recently combined Swords & Sorcery style fantasy with Endless-Runner esque mechanics to great success on the Windows Phone marketplace. However — even though their preview was already well received — the developers, not yet content to sit on their laurels, have just announced plans to expand both Dark Lands’ content and distribution platforms.

d6227217b2c9309cb9763d3a69dd3bf6_largeTheir primary planned addition for Dark Lands is to give the game a proper level based campaign mode, featuring a staggering 40 levels set across four visually distinct world regions. Other planned updates include a cross-platform real-time multiplayer mode (using people’s Facebook accounts as an identifying basis), as well as various quality tightening enhancements all around. The chief problem that Mingle Games is currently dealing with, since they gave the early Windows Phone based Beta away completely for free, is that they no longer have any money with which to continue development.

So far their Kickstarter has done fairly well, with nearly 40% of its $10,000 (CAD) goal already secured, yet there still exists an approximate $6,000 to raise within the next eighteen days. Those interested in helping Dark Lands to become the most brutal level-based endless-runner ever made can pre-purchase an unlock of the game’s upcoming new campaign-mode for just $3. Meanwhile, extra generous backers can receive things such as: their name forever immortalized in the game’s credits, their actual face appearing in the game’s background scenery, or even a chance to help shape the game’s future.

Anyways, don’t forget that the Dark Lands’ Kickstarter — should you now find yourself excited by Mingle Games’ plans to expand their title — has been set to end on February 23rd.