Mini Life is a Nonviolent Life Sim with over 20 Billion Avatar Customizations

Sometimes it’s nice not to kill stuff. It’s a radical point of view, we know, and totally at odds with what goes on in 99% of video games, but once in a while it’s good to just kick back and be nice. 

And Mini Life is the game to do it with. Developed by Krafton, a studio collective with experience on games like PUBG, Mini Life provides a gentle, social experience in which being friendly is always the goal. 

Your aim is basically to earn other players’ esteem by being nice, looking good, and having sweet digs. To that end you can decorate your mansion, manicure your gardens, and customize your avatar. 

Incredibly, there are more than 20 billion possible customizations, and 3,000 different fashion items, so you’ll never run out of new looks. 

Pimping out your house and making yourself look fly is just one aspect of the game. The other is the social interaction. Mini Life is an MMO, but it’s also an SNG, which means you’ll be socializing with a massive number of people via real-time chat.

Hello, neighbor

This interaction is gamified, too, so that you’ll gain access to higher social grades as you socialize, plus bonus rewards. 

Like Animal Crossing and other games of that ilk, Mini Life has its own day/night cycle, and when the sun sets you can visit the Night Market and trade with your fellow players via the game’s fully functioning trading system. There’s nothing like a bit of barter to bring people together. 

On top of all that, Mini Life also has a few neat techie tricks under its sleeve. Our favorite is the AR feature that lets you take photos with your avatar in them, creating the impression that a rift has opened between the worlds of fantasy and reality. 

You can see it in action for yourself by downloading Mini Life on Google Play or the App Store for free right now.