The featured image for our Mir M classes guide, featuring six of the characters from the game gathered together and looking towards the camera. Behind them is a pink/white gradiant background.

Mir M Classes Guide (2023)

Are you looking for more information on the different classes in Mir M? Then your search ends here! In this Mir M Classes guide, we’ll list all of the classes in the game, as well as break down what each of them do. By the end of this article, you should have a good idea on which one would fit your playstyle the best!

Mir M is a newly released MMO that adapts the style of the Mir IP to create an adventure RPG. For more information about the game, check out the official Mir M website. If you’re looking for a new game to play, have a read of some of our other guides, such as our Legegclo: Legend Clover codes guide, Legend of Slime Best Slime guide, and our Dear Ella tier list.

Mir M Classes Guide

We’ll now get into the guide at hand. We’ll break the guide into a few different sections to make it easier for you to process.


An adventure MMO RPG wouldn’t be complete without a sorcerer class, would it? If you lean into the fantasy side of RPGs, then this class is for you.


  • Good at long range
  • Good at focusing on specific enemies or areas – high DPS


  • Weak in terms of HP and Defence

Due to the weaknesses in health and defensive capabilities, we recommend that if you play as the Sorcerer, you keep your distance from your enemies! You may be picking them off with ease from afar, but if one gets close to you, it could be curtains.


The warrior is the more traditional class that you would find in an RPG. Nevertheless, they’re still awesome! Here’s the breakdown…


  • Good HP stats
  • Great Strength
  • Strong close-quartered combat
  • Passively confuses/stuns enemies with main skills


  • Not good at long range

Due to the weaknesses in long range combat, we recommend that you don’t use this class when going up against an army of sorcerers! Otherwise, you should be good to wreack havoc.


The Taoist is the typical support class, capable of a variety of different activities that makes them a well rounded class. If you’re just beginning the game, and you’re unsure of who to play as, then we recommend giving the Taoist a go!


  • Has decent heal, buff, and de-buff abilities
  • Well rounded for most situations
  • Can summon magical creatures known as Nachal to assist you.


  • Not specifically good for anything in particular, making them lose against other classes in their prime positions

About The Game

Mir M is a newly released adventure MMO RPG, using the aesthetic of the Mir IP. The game focuses on you creating your own character and choosing from the three classes: Warrior, Sorcerer, and the Taoist. Live out your own adventure and fight, explore, and discover new worlds.