Miralupa Starts Indiegogo Campaign for “Chromian Wars”

With Kickstarter being the most happenin’ place for indie projects based in the U.S. to get financial backing, the question begs: just where do you go for your crowdfunding if you live abroad? Miralupa, developers of Augmented Reality RTS Chromian Wars, answered that for us by starting an Indiegogo campaign today! Their aim is to raise $15,000 for a cross-platform multiplayer feature, “which will allow iOS and Android gamers to play together in shared Augmented Reality battlegrounds.” To find out what that would look like exactly, check out the videos in the YouTube gallery below — pretty darn cool if we do say so ourselves.

So if you have an interest in Augmented Reality gaming and a dollar or two to spare, head on over to their Indiegogo page and see what rewards are on tap. Also check out our interview with the dev team from way back in October 2011 to find out even more about the Miralupa story!