The image shows a Gundam looking up. He has spikes protruding from his helmet and heavy blue shoulder pads.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage codes

If you’re after some Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage codes you’re in the right place! Here we will compile all the codes released for MSG-UC-E (wow what a title). As well as how you can redeem codes.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage is high action gacha that takes you to the Gundam universe. You can choose from over 200 suits, unleash powerful and special moves on enemies, and battle against robots in 6v6 matches. In the game, there is a mix of 2D cutscenes and 3D combat, you’re in for an action packed journey through the Gundam universe with beloved characters and anime scenes.

If this sounds like your kind of game, you can visit the Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE website for more information. We also did a Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List!

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage codes

So currently, there isn’t a definitive way to redeem codes. Bare in mind this is a new title so the team who worked on the game have likely just not got around to creating launch codes. However, there is a “gift” button on the title screen which may hint towards code redemption in the near future! Of course, we will be editing this article as soon as we know the deets.

Active Codes

Woo hoo! We love freebies

  • There are currently no active codes in Mobile Suit Gundam. But hey, at least you’re not missing anything! So please check back.

Expired Codes

Aw, GunDAMN. You missed out on these, or maybe you didn’t if this isn’t your first time here? If so, welcome back!

  • Hey there’s nothing here either! At least you’re not missing out on any previous freebies.

How To Redeem Codes

Well, right now as mentioned there isn’t any codes to redeem. We theorised that the “gift” button on the title menu will have something to do with codes in the future however, so keep an eye on that!