Feature image for our Mortal Suit Gundam UC tier list. Image shows a robot in space looking at Earth in the distance.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List

Are you in need of a Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier list? If you are, look no further! I’ve listed where all the units are ranked depending on their strength.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage is an amazingly animated gacha game set in the Gundam universe. You can choose from over 200 suits, unleash powerful and special moves on enemies, and battle against robots in 6v6 matches. In the game, there is a mix of 2D cutscenes and 3D combat, you’re in for an action packed journey through the Gundam universe with beloved characters and anime scenes.

If this sounds like your kind of game, you can visit the Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE website for more information. We also have some other great tier lists. Why not have a look at our Dungeon Hunter 6 Lieutenant Tier List and Mortal Kombat: Onslaught Tier List.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List

If you’re new to tier lists, let me quickly explain. S tier is the very best, A tier is still really good, so is B tier! C tier is okay, and D tier is the lowest… so not the greatest. In tier lists, try and go for the ones ranked in S, A, and B tiers.

If you’re new to Gundam games, you need to know that UR units are the rarest, and R units are the most common. UR units also tend to be stronger than SR and R units.

Tier lists are just our recommendation though, so if you disagree that’s okay! Feel free to let us know your opinion. Now that’s out of the way, lets rank!

  • S Tier: Kou Uraki, Gyunei Guss, Yona Bashuta, Uso Ewin, Full Frontal, Kamille Bidan, Banagher Links, Riddhe Marcenas, Char Aznable [C0048], Io Fleming.
  • A Tier: Jerid Messa, Shin Matsunaga, Gaia, Norris Packard, Char Aznable, Ramba Ral, Glemy Toto,, Mash, Terry Sanders Jr.
  • B Tier: Mikhail Kaminsky, Rezin Schnyder, Neuen Bitter, Zabine Chareux, Akahana, Kayra Su, Cima Garahau, Albeo Pipiden, Glemy Toto [recruit soldier ver.], Kai Shiden, Ryu Jose, Hayato Kobayashi, Hayato Kobayashi, Dozle Zabi, Annamarie Bourget, Elle Vianno, Jean-Luc Duvall, Yonem Kirks, Bernard Wiseman, Mouar Pharaoh, Ortega, Bright Noa, South Burning, Denim.
  • C Tier: Kacricon Cacooler, Fa Yuiry, Ramba Ral, Franklin Bidan, Gene, Gilboa Sant, Garma Zabi, Hi-Nu Gundam, Gundam [M0034], Reccoa Londe, Lila Milla Rira, Junko Jenko, Full Armor Gundam, Unicorn Gundam, Gundam Prototype 1, Qubeley MK II, Gaia, Banshee, Yazan Gable, Gundam Mk-II [Titans ver.], Sarah Zabiarov.
  • D Tier: Kampfer, V-Gundam, Gundam [M0194], Re-GZ.


As the game has only recently been released globally, I’m sure over time there will be updates adding new characters and units – so make sure you keep checking back! We always review tier lists every so often to make sure you stay in the loop.