Mojo Bones Unleashes the Hounds — and the Promo Codes!

The App Store’s been flooded with so many casual-friendly titles, it’s become quite the challenge to devise game mechanics that truly stand out any more. A pair of doofish and lovable pooches did carry freshman developer Mojo Bones well above the crowd with their stretchy airborne acrobatics in last month’s Tongue Tied, however! Now the developer is back with “Labrador,” a Tongue Tied update so important it needs its own title.

If you dive back into the App Store and update your copy of Tongue Tied today, you’ll find that it contains ten new levels, new scenery animations, and three more pieces of zany media waiting to be unlocked in the Doghouse. Mojo Bones has also smoothed over two issues players raised with the original release: a pause button that was much too trigger-happy and a camera that just couldn’t keep up with the airborne mutts sometimes. Tongue Tied has gone on sale at half price – that’s $0.99, or one bone – to celebrate.

Mojo Bones already has a new mode in the works for February and they’re gearing up for an Android release next week. Even with such a busy schedule, this great indie studio scraped together a moment to send five promo codes our way — and you know what we like to do with those! Rev up those Twitter accounts and help spread the word for your chance to win a free copy of this standout title. Here’s what you need to do:

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C.) Comment below to let us know you’ve done so. This giveaway will last until Saturday, January 28. And before you close out of your Twitter account, don’t forget that our Soul Caliber giveaway runs until then, too!

Let’s leave you with Mojo Bones’ award winning trailer in case your tongue hasn’t started wagging yet:

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