‘Momonga Pinball Adventures’ Now Half Price!

Momonga-Momo-OnlyTo celebrate their inclusion in Apple’s “Portable Pinball” feature, Paladin Studios have reduced the price of Momonga Pinball Adventures from $1.99 » $0.99 (App Store Link).

According to the folks at Paladin, the price drop will be in effect from today, February 19th, until “at least” this coming Thursday, the 21st.

iFanzine’s Jerald Circo reviewed Momonga Pinball Adventures in full on its original release, and had lots of nice things to say about the game. In particular, praising its engrossing story and utterly adorable art style. You can check out that review here — but the long and the short of it is that you’d have to be flippin’ crazy not to pick up this cute and quirky title while it’s available half price!