Moncage is a Brilliant Perspective Puzzler, Out Now on the App Store

If you’re on the lookout for a new puzzler this week, then you’re in luck, because Moncage has just landed on the App Store. It’s a fresh, engaging experience that sees you shifting your perspective to connect objects in seemingly disparate scenes.

You’re looking into a cube, and the different sides of the cube show different interactive images. You swipe around, trying to find ways to bring the disconnected objects together to push things along. It’s the sort of game that makes you feel smart.

There’s a story bubbling along underneath the challenges that’s revealed through hidden photographs, and a hint system to make sure you’re never too stuck. Here’s a trailer.

There’s a decent level of challenge here, and some really clever moments where things slot into place and you feel a bit like an eye-based genius.

Moncage is available right now from the App Store, where it’ll set you back $3.99. You can click here to download it. And we’d strongly recommend that you did.