Monkube Announce New Puzzle Game, ‘BlastBall’

Blastball overviewMonkube, the indie studio behind 6th Planet and Retrobot, just dropped a us a line about their soon-to-be-released third game. It goes by the name of BlastBall, Monkube describe it as “a straight up puzzler,” and – rather surprisingly – it looks to be a pretty big departure from their usual comic book-style oeuvre.

We’ve embedded the official BlastBall announcement trailer below. But first, here’s what Monkube’s Sven Van de Perre has to say about the upcoming game:

Blastball‘s goal is the exact opposite of stuff like Candy Crush. Meaning a new gameplay mechanic and no sugary skin or any commercial exploitable setting. Just puzzle gameplay in its purest form. Blastball was co-created from the ground up by famed abstract board game creator Kris Burm. BlastBall‘s core mechanic is a ‘five in a row’ game, but a movable board and two pieces that can alter the playing field create layers of depth unseen in many other games. The longer you play, the more permanent and temporary boosts become available, allowing you to add more strategy to the mix.

ETA: October, 2013. Monkube are currently putting the finishing touches to BlastBall, and tell us the game should be available on the App Store for free in around 4 weeks time.