Feature image for our monopoly go buzzing beez tournament. Image shows a bee keeper in a white bee keeping outfit with bees around her.

Monopoly Go Buzzing Beez Tournament

What’s to gain from the Monopoly Go Buzzing Beez Tournament? Our guide has the full coverage! Monopoly GO is constantly pushing out new and exciting events so it can bee (get it?) hard to keep up. With this post you will know exactly what prizes you can win in the tournament.

Monopoly GO is the mobile entry into the grand Monopoly franchise. Bringing the same thrills as the physical edition plus all new ways to play right to your device. The only thing Monopoly GO is missing is the board flip of frustration! Build your empire, conquer the tycoons of your friends and global strangers, steal, and collect.

You can play Monopoly GO by getting it from the App Store. Or, you can check out our Monopoly GO Creative Accounting Rewards piece and our Monopoly GO Wilderness Retreat – Rewards and Milestones piece.

Monopoly Go Buzzing Beez Tournament

There are 25 milestones to get through in this event, if you finish all 25 milestones in this event, you will get 800 dice.

Event MilestoneRewards
1800 Dice, Cash Rewards and Golden Purple Sticker Pack
2500 Dice, Cash Rewards and Golden Blue Sticker Pack
3400 Dice, Cash Rewards and Golden Pink Sticker Pack
4400 Dice, Cash Rewards and Golden Yellow Sticker Pack
5250 Dice, Cash Rewards and Pink Sticker Pack
6200 Dice and Cash Rewards
7150 Dice and Cash Rewards
8100 Dice and Cash Rewards
975 Dice and Cash Rewards
1050 Dice and Cash Rewards

If you are placed between 11-15, you will get 25 dice and cash rewards.

If you are placed between 16-25, you will only get a cash reward which will depend on how many bees you have collected.

As this is a tournament, there are different ways to win points, here they are!

  • Shutdown Blocked – +2 points
  • Shutdown Success – +4 points
  • Small Heist – +4 Points
  • Large Heist – +6 Points
  • Bankrupt – +8 Points