The image shows the monopoly go man atop a horse herding cattle with a grin. The westie dog that features in other illustrations for events is by the foot of the horse

Monopoly GO Cattle Chasers Rewards and Milestones

It seems that Monopoly GO introduces a new event bi-daily! It may be hard to keep up with what you need to do, that’s why we have this Monopoly GO cattle chasers rewards article! Here we outline everything you can gain from this cow-chaser event, so grab your lasso and phone and let’s get into it!

Monopoly GO is the mobile entry into the grand Monopoly franchise. Bringing the same thrills as the physical edition plus all new ways to play right to your device. The only thing Monopoly GO is missing is the board flip of frustration! Build your empire, conquer the tycoons of your friends and global strangers, steal, and collect.

Sound like fun? You can check out Monopoly GO on the App Store! Have a nosey at some of our other posts such as Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom Tier List.

Monopoly GO Cattle Chasers

In this event you collect Cowboy Hats, generated from landing on shutdown tiles, blocked attacks, and landed attacks, and also awarded from Bank Heist tiles. The amount varying on the heist size.

25 Prize Drop Chips
3Sticker Pack
4125 Dice Rolls
78 Prize Drop Chips
9230 Dice Rolls
1015 Prize Drop Chips
11Sticker Pack
1320 Prize Drop Chips
14550 Dice Rolls
15Sticker Pack
1730 Prize Drop Chips
191,100 Dice Rolls
20Sticker Pack
2140 Prize Drop Chips
2290 Dice Rolls
241,100 Dice Rolls
25Sticker Pack
27Prize Drop Chips
2825 Dice Rolls
30140 Dice Rolls
3170 Prize Drop Chips
33Sticker Pack
341,800 Dice Rolls
3585 Prize Drop Chips
37450 Sticker Pack
393,800 Dice Rolls
40100 Prize Drop Chips
41Sticker Pack
42800 Dice Rolls
44130 Prize Drop Chips
46Sticker Pack
48Sticker Pack & 6,500 Dice Rolls

Cattle Chasers

Cattle Chasers will finalize October 23rd! Monopoly GO events disappear as fast as they arrive, so be quick!