Monopoly GO official artwork.

Monopoly GO Free Dice and Rolls

Looking to get your hands on some Monopoly GO free dice? Well, we can certainly help you with that. In this guide, we outline the various different methods that you can use to get Monopoly GO free rolls. That will help you to keep playing even when you’ve run out.

Monopoly GO is a mobile game spin on the classic board game. You throw dice to make your way around the board, earning cash depending on where you land. You then spend this cash on village upgrades, which helps you to level up.

You can grab Monopoly GO on the App Store. Check out our Dragon Quest Champions tier list, Terraria Wings tier list, and Bloons TD 6 tier list.

Monopoly GO Free Dice and Rolls

Now, let’s crack on with the meat of the guide. Here are all of the tips and tricks you need to earn Monopoly GO free dice.


First, make sure to do your dailies. These include collecting your ‘treats’, which are free rewards you get for just logging in. These can include Monopoly GO free rolls.

Then, it’s ‘Quick Wins’ time. These are daily challenges that reward you for pretty much doing what you were going to do anyway. Just make sure to collect them, as they can provide more free dice.


As you complete the above, you will progress towards the ‘Weekly Prize’, which can include an absolute ton of free rolls.

You don’t really need to do anything special to complete weeklies. Each ‘Quick Win’ you complete provides a little more progress on a bar, like XP in an RPG. fill the bar to get a reward.

Social Media Channels

You should also follow all of the social media channels, and particularly the Facebook, Discord, and Instagram. Scopely occasionally releases free dice links on those.

They are relatively rare, and don’t last long, so we recommend that you remain vigilant and check back every hour or so to ensure you get the free stuff.

Game the System

Once you’ve used up all of your Monopoly GO free dice, you start earning more on a timer. You get a certain amount every few minutes up until you hit your cap.

Once you’ve hit the cap, you stop earning free rolls. So. you need to make sure this never happens. Calculate how long it will take until you’ve hit the cap, and make sure you use your rolls before then.

Level Up

Our last tip involves levelling up, as you get progressively more rewards the higher you get. These can include Monopoly GO free dice, but also an increase in your dice cap, which is like free rolls in itself.

You pretty much level up by playing, but you want to be making sure to upgrade your village as this is the fastest method.