The image shows the Monopoly Man mascot and a cute brown terrier dog who is leaning against the pumpkin too.

Monopoly GO Pumpkin Prowl Milestones and Rewards

We have another Monopoly GO event, but who is surprised anymore? Monopoly GO is constantly showering us players in rewards. So let’s sum up the latest event, Monopoly GO Pumpkin Prowl with all the rewards listed right here for you!

Monopoly GO is the mobile entry into the grand Monopoly franchise. Bringing the same thrills as the physical edition plus all new ways to play right to your device. The only thing Monopoly GO is missing is the board flip of frustration! Build your empire, conquer the tycoons of your friends and global strangers, steal, and collect.

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Monopoly GO Pumpkin Prowl

Can you catch the prowling pumpkin? Monopoly GO invites you into the spooky season with this festive limited time event. Collect scarecrows littered around the board and collect points in return for finding them. You’ll be awarded 2 points per find, but with multipliers you could easily bump that number to make this event easier to manage.

This event only runs until October 16th 2023, so you’ll want to be quick in grabbing those scarecrows if you want a chance at getting the limited Jack-O-Lantern Player Token.

MilestonePoints NeededRewards
255 Prize Drop Chips
3101-Star Sticker Pack
475125 Dice Rolls
61515 Min Rent Frenzy
7208 Prize Drop Chips
9150230 Dice Rolls
103015 Prize Drop Chips
11351-Star Sticker Pack
134520 Prize Drop Chips
14400550 Dice Rolls
15452-Star Sticker Pack
165010 Mins Cash Grab
176030 Prize Drop Chips
19800950 Dice Rolls
20753-Star Sticker Pack
217040 Prize Drop Chips
228090 Dice Rolls
249001,000 Dice Rolls
251002-Star Sticker Pack
(Gold Sticker Guaranteed)
2611015 Mins High Roller
2712560 Prize Drop Chips
28130125 Dice Rolls
291,000Jack-O-Lantern Token
30140140 Dice Rolls
3114570 Prize Drop Chips
331754-Star Sticker Pack
341,8001,800 Dice Rolls
3525085 Prize Drop Chips
3630025 Mins Rent Frenzy
374504-Star Sticker Pack
394,0003,800 Dice Rolls
40700100 Prize Drop Chips
418005-Star Sticker Pack
42900800 Dice Rolls
441,000130 Prize Drop Chips
451,1005 Mins Cash Boost
461,2004-Star Sticker Pack
(Gold Sticker Guaranteed)
486,5006,500 Free Dice
4-Star Gold Sticker Pack


So this concludes all the milestones and rewards from the Pumpkin Prowl event! You will need a total of 4,585 points to get the Jack-O-Lantern at milestone 29.