The image shows a robot and a woman setting up a tent in the wilderness. It is a sunny day and they both look really happy to be exploring together. The monopoly GO logo is in the bottom right

Monopoly GO Wilderness Retreat – Rewards and Milestones

What’s to gain from the Monopoly GO Wilderness Retreat event? Our guide has the full coverage! Monopoly GO is constantly pushing out new and exciting events so it can be hard to keep up. With this post you will know exactly how many milestones there are and what goodies you get at each stop.

Monopoly GO is the mobile entry into the grand Monopoly franchise. Bringing the same thrills as the physical edition plus all new ways to play right to your device. The only thing Monopoly GO is missing is the board flip of frustration! Build your empire, conquer the tycoons of your friends and global strangers, steal, and collect.

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Monopoly GO Wilderness Retreat

With Campfire Chronicles finalizing all too soon, we now make way for the Wilderness Retreat! This event brings on 49 new milestones to work through that prolong your wilderness adventure. So let’s waste no time in telling you what you’re in for.

Event MilestoneRequired PointsRewards
1510 Dice Rolls
2105 Peg-E Tokens
310Cash Rewards
410Green Sticker Pack
56570 Dice Rolls
6158 Peg-E Tokens
720Cash Rewards
820Green Sticker Pack
925Cash Rewards
10180220 Dice Rolls
112512 Peg-E Tokens
123010 Mins Cash Grab
1335Green Sticker Pack
144015 Peg-E Tokens
15350450 Dice Rolls
1645Cash Rewards
1760Golden Sticker Pack
181005 Mins Cash Boost
197030 Peg-E Tokens
20700850 Dice Rolls
2180Cash Rewards
22100Pink Sticker Pack
2311045 Peg-E Tokens
24120Cash Rewards
251.3k1.4k Dice Rolls
2613015 Mins High Roller
27140Cash Rewards
2815060 Peg-E Tokens
29160Golden Sticker Pack
301kCash Rewards
31175180 Dice Rolls
32250Cash Rewards
33300Blue Sticker Pack
3428075 Peg-E Tokens
352k1.85k Dice Rolls
3640015 Mins Cash Grab
37600Blue Sticker Pack
38700500 Dice Rolls
39800100 Peg-E Tokens
403k2.7k Dice Rolls
41900Pink Sticker Pack
421k25 Mins Rent Frenzy
431.1k130 Peg-E Tokens
441.2k950 Dice Rolls
452.5kCash Rewards
461.2k160 Peg-E Tokens
471.4kGolden Blue Sticker Pack
481.5kCash Rewards
496kGolden Blue Sticker Pack and 7k Dice Rolls

Whew, that was a lot! So, this is everything you’re in for a chance of grabbing during this event. Don’t forget how valuable sticker packs are! Completing an album grants you a hoard of in-game riches so you’ll want to strive for completion.